Music Quiz 2017

Following last year’s similarly successful event, there was yet another full house for this year’s Music Quiz, which marked the re-opening of the Hall after the summer building project to improve the accessibility of the Hall for everyone.

And our special thanks go once more to Tom Hasson for devising and running another fantastic music quiz, which raised much needed funds to support the Hall’s rebuilding programme. In fact, it was a bit of a family affair as Gill helped arrange the event and Andy took the photos. And to complete the family connection, Gill’s niece Amy helped with the washing up!!

We’d also like to thank Cook in Hove – – for the very tasty curry which every-one enjoyed.

Exeter Street Hall’s Music Quiz (photos by Andy Hasson)
Exeter Street Hall’s Music Quiz, hosted by Tom Hasson

Bastille Stormed!

A packed Exeter Street Hall audience celebrated the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in revolutionary style with a daring display of sophisticated French cuisine, beautifully prepared by Master Chef Rafael Pol, ably assisted by Sous Chef Iain Chambers and Greg Lucas who conjured up the dessert, and delightfully served by students from St John’s School, Brighton. And the overthrow of the ancien regime was completed by a well-chosen selection of ballads and chansons by local chansonnier Alan Clayson, whose performance was greeted with rapturous applause by the assembled Sans-culottes.

Photos courtesy of Andy Hasson (

The Great Get Together

Fire Brigade photos courtesy of Martin Poole ( All other photos courtesy
of Andy Hasson (

A message from one of the event organisers:-
It was I think a very happy day. I saw the full range. A young girl cartwheeling down Upper Hamilton Road the moment the road closed sign went up, the three girls secretly practising their street dancing in the Hall because no one was there. Lovely games for the kids, quorate PCA meeting, the random bubble man who turned up from nowhere, the firemen….well, a long queue is all I can say……..
Magic Mike and his music, you are SO kind to do that for all of us Mike, Carolyn and the best playlist ever, all the bar staff, hanky waving Morris, choristers, Disco divas, the busiest bar ever at the Chimney and the yummiest free cakes from Joes. Mega quick clearing up …… and Bunting. Bunting is the best …. as is cake and shared food and laughter and kindness and friends and smiling at strangers ….
Because that is Prestonville.
That’s you.
Thank-you. x

Football Panel

A fascinating evening of informed comment on the “beautiful game” mixed with occasional insights into the more controversial aspects of the sport. Excellent contributions from all the panellists, under the expert guidance of local journalist and author Nick Szczepanik.

Journalists debate questions about English Football from a transfixed audience.
The Football Panel evening kicked off with Nick Szczepanik, author of Pulp Football, taking on the job of chairing, and he was flanked on either side by two football journalists. On the left Ian Winrow Football Editor at Wardles and Andy Naylor Chief sports writer at The Argus, then on the right Paul Hayward from the Daily Telegraph and Adam Powley Lecturer and acclaimed author.
First question coming from the audience was about Brighton and Hove Albion. Andy Naylor, Albion correspondent gave his expert opinion. The audience was incredibly focused and silent, you could hear a pin drop, as the opinions from the stage filled the hall.
Nick superbly fielded the questions with tact in his distinctive voice.
At the interval time the conversation of the audience flowed. Everyone was talking. Hum of voices rang around the hall into the rafters deep in discussion. The Hall suddenly became alive. The intense silence had been broken. Men and a few ladies huddled together in little groups with a pint enjoying football topics. The journalists mingling with the audience.
The second half was an open forum.
The audience returned to their seats now more involved and more vocal and asked direct questions regards journalism and stories coming to light. Censorship and sensitive topics like Youth football and the controversy involved.
A question generated a discussion about the Arsenal manager then moved onto the Tottenham manager.
“What happened to Manchester’s bid to be the centre for football or does London still command the top players due to the high wages?”
The journalists commented on the chaos of agents and agencies over owning footballers especially the very top players.
A point was raised for the need for regulations to be put in place.
“Is the FA fit for purpose?” a direct question from someone in the front row. The conclusion – the urgent need for reform.
English football was compared to other countries and the revenue it generates.
Heated topics stirred up at the close of the evening lightened by humour and the wit of Nick Szczepanik.
Angela Mackay

Photos courtesy of Andy Hasson –

Phones for Refugees

Our Phones for Refugees event on Friday was a great success. Thanks to everyone who donated cash or devices.
Leila Crerar and Caroline Lucas MP (below) spoke movingly about the plight of refugees in Europe. Your phones and laptops make an important contribution to helping some of those refugees get connected.
If you weren’t able to attend the event but would still like to help Refugee Info Bus   – a small grassroots charity that started in the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp and which provides free WIFI to refugees together with Legal and Human Rights education – you can find out more details, and also make a donation, by clicking here.

Photo © Andy Hasson