Hall Events – What’s Coming Up

Since buying the Hall in 2013, our awesome events volunteers have raised over £30k through a programme of inspiring and innovative events.  Wow!  What a lot of money.

Quiz nights, meals, comedy, drama.  We’ve had everything from poetry readings, satire to talks on taxidermy!

The Hall gets no regular funding to support our running costs which amount to about £1200 per month.  So we need to raise money continually to make repairs and help restore the Hall.

Coming to one of our events helps with this.  If you want to help out, even better!  Contact

Events for May/June 2018

Brighton Fringe Festival – 04/05/2018 – 26/05/2018
The Great Get Together – 24/06/2018

You Can’t Watch This Play (Again)

The Woman Who Conceived The Pill

Land Of The Three Towers: Vol II

Bully Beef

The Great Get Together