We’ve only gone and done it!

We’ve won The People’s Million’s ‘phone vote and bagged £50,000! We’re over the moon.

We’ve said it before but we need to say it again. Thank you. We are only holding this game-changing cheque because of YOUR people power.


Turns out that all those small good deeds added up to make a great, big difference. We’ll find out how many votes we’ve received later this week.

More bright ideas

We’ll be pursuing more opportunities just like this one, along with grant applications and corporate donations. We want to attract investment from charities, foundations and companies. Know anyone we should approach? Be sure to drop us a line.

Here’s a YouTube clip of the team being surprised by the ITV film crew with an unfeasibly large cheque. Priceless.

See you in the Hall soon!

Did we win £50,000 with The People’s Millions?


We don’t know yet.

But the lines closed at midnight, so please don’t dial that magic number any more. We hope to have some news by 6pm on Tuesday 26 November. Once we know, we’ll be sure to tell you. But whatever the outcome, we want to say something important.

Thank you. Yes, you.

Thank you for making those all-important calls. Thank you for spreading the word. Thank you for doing a good deed to make our Hall a better place. It’s a beautiful thing.

We’re ludicrously grateful to our intrepid volunteers who have rolled up their sleeves to raise the roof. Knocking on doors, handing out leaflets, putting up signs, attending meetings and plugging away behind the scenes – we salute you.

You can see how the campaign unfolded on voting day by checking out our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We’ve been on TV, radio and in the papers. We’ve courted politicians, community leaders and local schools. We’ve called on local and national businesses. We’ve sent out street reps and waged a social media campaign.

Win or lose, we have told more people our heart-warming story, we’ve gained heaps more followers and we’ve engaged with a sparky bunch of supporters keen to help us raise much-needed funds to repair our charming, if dilapidated Hall.

Not bad.

Forgot to vote? The bad news? Lines closed at midnight last night. The good news? You can still snap up some shares!

Find out more about our story here.

It’s voting day, people!

vote_today_bannerHelp us to win today’s ‘phone vote and bag £50,000 from The People’s Millions (that’s a partnership between the Big Lottery Fund and ITV). Today is the ONLY day to vote. Lines are open 9am until midnight.

Do a good small deed and make a great big difference.

Please, please, pleasePeoplesMillions_purple

  • Call 0871 626 8874.
  • Vote 10 times* from each ‘phone line.
  • Persuade 10 friends to do the same.
  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet our pleas for support.

* Calls cost no more than 11p from BT landlines. Calls from other networks/mobiles may be higher. ITV/ Big Lottery Fund and Exeter Street Hall do not make any profits from your calls. Lines close at midnight tonight.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap. 10 calls from a BT line will barely cost £1 and even 10 votes from a mobile will be less than the price of a pint.

How many ‘phones can you access? A few at work, the landline at home and the family’s mobile ‘phones? By jiminy, we reckon you could notch up almost a hundred votes yourself. Every vote matters. Go on, now.

We’re running campaign HQ from Exeter Street Hall all day today. Pop in and say hello. It’s busy but we’re in high spirits. Come and join the fun.

We’ve bought the Hall. Together. Let’s raise the roof. Together.

BIG thanks!National_Lottery

The Hall Get Involved group

For more details about our story, click here.

It’s all happening next Monday


No doubt you’ve heard about our bid to win £50,000 from the People’s Millions on Monday 25 November. But have you registered to be reminded to vote yet?

Text HALL to 66777 now to receive a reminder to call in our gripping ‘phone vote next Monday. That’s right – one week to go. Help us bag the big prize to repair our leaky, creaky roof.

What can YOU do to make it happen?

Find 10 friends
Ask them (ever so nicely) to text HALL to 66777. If they can find ten more friends each, well, that would be extremely impressive.

Vote 10 times
On every ‘phone line you can get your sticky paws on. We’re allowed! Calls cost just 11p from a BT landline, more from mobiles. Tell your mates too.

Use 10 different ways

  • Spread the word, your way.
  • Get social – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Get personal – call, email and text.
  • Get more people – chat to neighbours, colleagues and club networks.
  • Shout from the rafters!

Frankly, we stand to win a massive cash injection that would take us about 10 years of fundraising events to drum up. In one night. It’s got to be worth it.

Got an hour to spare? Email volunteer@exeterstreethall.org and join campaign HQ on Monday 25 November. We’d be over the moon.

Don’t forget to watch Exeter Street Hall on ITV’s Meridian Tonight at 6pm on voting day. Exciting! Can we win £50,000? Together, we can. Please help.

Christmas Window Competition 2013

We are bringing our incredible community together once more to unite in Christmas cheer. We would like to announce the second year of our annual Christmas Windows Competition for Prestonville Residents.


If you’d like to enter, please fill out this form.